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Home Staging


The consultation is an in-depth assessment of your home both interior and exterior to determine strengths and weaknesses for selling. The Home Stager will take photographs of the rooms to use when writing the recommendations. The consultation uses input from the home seller and the objective review of the Home Stager to plan how best to stage the home. The landscaping, garage, basement, porches, patios, all rooms, hallways and entryways will be assessed. A detailed recommendation report will be given to the home owner within 24 hours of the consult. The consultation report will contain all of the information necessary to stage the home.

The consultation requires 2 ˝ -3 hours and costs average $125-$225.

Home Staging

Home owners can decide to have the Home Stager do the physical work and a proposal of the hands on home staging that will be provided. The proposal will include the cost of the staging, any repairs or consultants needed to complete the decluttering and minor repairs and if needed furniture rental. There is no charge for the proposal if Upstage Home Staging does the staging.

Home Staging by Upstage Home Staging includes what is in the proposal and the hands on final staging. When completed the homeowner will be provided a checklist to assure the home is stage ready for buyers when the home is shown. Photographs of your home will be provided for marketing when the staging is completed.

Most hands on staging takes about 4 hours (half a day) and prices vary but average $300-$400. Whole house rates are available.

Upstage Home Staging can stage both occupied and unoccupied homes.

Home Redesign

Home Redesign requires the removal of furniture and accessories from the room and rearranging for function. and decorating. There is no cost for furniture or accessories as we will use what you already have.

Redesign usually takes 3-4 hours per room and prices average $250. Multiple room rates available. Assistants (if needed) are $20 per hour.


Need help selling your home quickly? Do you want to get a better price and make your home more memorable to buyers? Upstage is your answer.